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Royal Navy HMS Project

David Fawcett Ltd. was privileged to be commissioned to produce 20 HMS Queen Elizabeth carrier models at a scale of 1:400 for the Royal Navy. The HMS Queen Elizabeth is one of the largest warships ever built for the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom and capable of carrying up to 40 aircraft.

We are very proud to have undertaken this exciting order. The models are intended to be sent out to British Embassies around the world following the ship's commissioning.

We produced the vessels in an organised production line of component parts to put together every aspect, recreating them to match the original in shape, details and colour. Despite the limitations of the 1:400 scale we were able to include details such as the F35 aircraft, Merlin helicopters and Phalanx anti-aircraft guns.

Taking just over 5 months, every member of the team came together to work on different parts of the project to get it completed and send out this impressive shipment in time for the commissioning of the ship.