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Crafted with Passion


Tailored Service to you

Our friendly and experienced team has been handcrafting superyacht models for 40 years. Having worked on more than 500 models, we've had the honour and privilege to work with the finest companies within the industry from Yacht Designers, Managers and Shipyards, to Owners and their key personnel. We are passionately focused on ensuring our clients' creations and visions of a project are presented in their best light. Using our skills as expert craftsmen, combined with our innovative approach to technical developments, we ensure that every model created is of the highest standard.

How we work

On the coast of Wales, our team has intricate knowledge of the yachts we have been trusted to model. Our lifelong connection to the industry means we can intuitively understand our clients' needs, making the process we take our clients on and their experience of David Fawcett Ltd. an effortless one. Our clients can come to our team knowing they are in safe hands. We understand that a good relationship between model maker and client is established and developed, year after year, on good communication, trust, and unrivalled service levels - something we are proud to have upheld for 40 years.


We truly understand the inner workings of our clients and the varying types of models needed at different points of their project journey. We can adapt our service to your needs and the design of your yacht project, developing all types of models from rapid prototypes and styling models to comprehensive motor yacht and sailing yacht models with varying components such as lighting and motorisation.