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David Fawcett Expands In-House 3D Printing

Posted by: Dylan

Innovation is at the forefront of what we do at David Fawcett, improving the service to our clients. We have invested in 3D printing capabilities and skills for the last four years, led by our very own Jac Thomas. In-house 3D printing allows us to heighten our production, balanced with the traditional skills we are well known for.

In October 2020, we were fortunate to be selected as a Beta test candidate for the upcoming release of the Stratasys Objet 30 Version 5 3D printer. Alongside our other Stratasys machine, the team were delighted to push forward with our in-house innovation.

Modelmaking and the service that David Fawcett provides is very much based on decades of traditional experience, handcrafting and perfecting models of all kinds. The ability to pair this with advancing technology is inspiring for the team as it allows us to combine the best of both worlds and raise our customer experience even more.

To qualify for the beta trial, we regularly reported test results and evaluated the printer's new features. This technology has allowed us to experiment with new printing resins, print modes, and software upgrades to increase and speed up our 3D printed part output. Once more, operating the 3D printers 24 hours a day has vastly improved our capacity and rapid turnaround times. Print results are also at a higher resolution with greater feature and surface detail than our other Stratasys machine.