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Crafted with Passion

About Us

Crafting with Passion

David Fawcett Ltd is a leading model making service for the marine industry. With the skills and techniques to reproduce the most accurate detail possible, we are able to create a life-like scale of finish and texture.

Our team boasts unrivalled experience, and every member has been a part of the business for many years. We work together as a close-knit, happy team, relying and depending on each other to provide the very best service. We are passionate about our craft and understand the varied and changing needs of a highly discerning market.

Meticulous Detailing

Our team consistently produces the very highest levels of detail, finish and accuracy. We are renowned for our impeccable attention to detail and ability to replicate even the most complex of designs.

We believe in the importance of retaining the traditional skills of model making while at the same time embracing the advancements that new technologies can bring. An interest in yachts is an essential part of our history and we are constantly pushing our boundaries and looking for new ways to enhance the models that we make.

Our models stand up to the closest scrutiny and we are extremely proud of our stunning model yacht portfolio.


Through the quality of our work, we aim to build strong and lasting relationships with our clients. We are delighted with the excellent bonds we have built and maintained throughout the years and our vast experience in the industry means we have a deep understanding of what our clients want and value most.

We are able to assure confidentiality on any project we take on and will work with you to ensure the finished product not only meets your exacting standards but exceeds your expectations. We have a deep understanding of the marine and yachting industry and can tailor our service to meet the specific demands of all we work with.


At David Fawcett Ltd, we recognise the importance of good communication with our clients and will always strive to both understand and meet your requirements. Our aim is always to match the brief presented by the client, whether it be producing different types of models or meeting various delivery times.

On occasion, the yacht's design will still be developing as the model is being made. In such instances, it is vital that we respond to these changes and help the client in all the ways that we can; this is something we have been able to deliver time and again.

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do and we take great pride in the wonderful relationships we have grown and nurtured thanks to our constant commitment to excellence.