complete Marine modelMaking services

Crafted with Passion


Your yacht, Your Story

Are you looking for a model of your yacht? We don't just work with Designers, Managers and Shipyards; we also provide a tailored, one to one service to create personalised models of your beloved yacht.

At our heart, we are storytellers of the sea, with a legacy spanning over 40 years in marine model-making. Our craft is more than just replicating yachts; it's about capturing the essence of your yacht, its journey, and its character.

Experience in every detail

During our time, we've honed our skills to capture the spirit of your yacht. Whether you have a sailing yacht or a superyacht, our expertise transcends size, focusing on the craftsmanship of yachts of all dimensions.

Every curve, line, texture, and finish is considered through our dedication to recreating reality with outstanding accuracy. Our goal is to mirror your yacht's essence.


With an unwavering dedication to precision and an artisanal touch, we use full or partial technical drawings to being the process. We can then either use photos and videos to continue the process, or visit your yacht to listen in detail to your requirements and learn about the yacht's history - we are open to your preference and personal wishes. We absorb the essence of your yacht, and translate it into a meticulously detailed, lifelike model.

We step into the role of investigators, delving into your yacht’s history, form and character. It's a collaborative process, where your voice guides us. We listen to the stories woven into its decks, trace the lines that have weathered countless journeys, and absorb its unique spirit.

This immersive experience enables us to understand not just the physical intricacies, but also the emotional connection you have with your yacht.

A Team of Highly Skilled Craftspeople

With a commitment to precision and a love for detail, our team is exceptionally skilled in crafting models exclusively for you. We have honed our expertise in the timeless art of model making. Our commitment to craftsmanship runs deep, evident in every stroke, every detail, and every masterpiece that bears our name. We transform raw materials into living stories, capturing the essence of maritime beauty in each model we craft.

Confidentiality & Trust Always

We put trust at the forefront of all partnerships. We understand the sensitivities behind this process and execute our development with complete confidentiality and confidence.

Your trust is at the core of everything we do. We've nurtured a relationship with our clients built on transparency, reliability, and a profound respect for your vision. Our commitment to your satisfaction drives us to work discreetly, safeguarding your ideas and plans with the utmost care.

We understand that each yacht holds a unique significance, and we treat your project with the same reverence we would our own.

Let us transform your masterpiece into a portable piece of art and honour us with the immense privilege of being the artisans who make your dreams into reality with the discretion and respect they deserve.

Our team acts as your architect and partner in crafting a testament to your maritime journey. Hand in hand, we'll sculpt an experience that will last a lifetime.